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Acil Durum Kapakları - Enko Trade


Enko Trade was established in 2012, shortly after establishment Enko Trade and manufacturer of fire rated access panel/door Tempo closed a partnership agreement to full satisfactory of both firms. With a lot of effort and outstanding products both firms build up a reputation and a leading role in the sector of fire rated and non-fire rated access panels and doors. Enko Trade uses her know-how and progressive techniques as well as her highly experienced and qualified staff members to deliver her products to her customers anywhere in the world.


Satış: +90 (532) 200 9852
Satış: +90 (850) 532 7008
Satış: +90 (212) 709 9788
Destek: +90 (545) 561 9207

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Yakuplu mah; Hürriyet Blv. Geçit Sk. Vera Plaza No:17/6 Kat:4 34524 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul